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Add support for Striking Strength: One Attack Only


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      I thought I had stumbled onto something very useful when I discovered that the Striking Strength advantage (under Basic Set advantages) has an option to specify the modifier "One Attack Only", specifying which attack it refers to. However, as far as I can tell, this limitation does nothing, with the modified advantage boosting equally the specified attack mode, all other attack modes, and the character's base thrust and swing damage, just as for unlimited striking strength.

      If it is possible to create a method to boost effective strength for only a limited set of attack modes, it would be useful to add it in and set this limitation to do so.

      If such cannot be conveniently done at this time, it might be well to no longer display this limitation on Striking Strength to avoid confusion and disappointment. If it is retained, it might be well to somehow explicitly mark it as not properly affecting displayed stats.

      My other thought was to give the modifier a feature of "Reduces striking strength by 1 per level" (to essentially cancel the base advantage, so that only the one specified attack displayed the wrong damage rather than every other attack displaying incorrect damage), but it appears that this would only reduce striking strength by 1 per level of the modifier, not by 1 per level of the advantage. As a long-term goal, it might be worthwhile to create a setting for modifiers to add a bonus per level of the base advantage- I can see other situations where this would be useful.




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