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      As another app developer I want to be able to import GCS character files into my own application. Output templates are probably an underutilised, but powerful feature of GCS that could achieve this with a minimum of effort. The infrastructure is there, it just needs a little more tweaking. The following features would provide everything I need.

      1. Unencoded text fields to prevent HTML specific modification of the output. This could be achieved in the template with a @NO_ENCODE tag.
      2. The ability to designate non-html files as templates & output, mainly to prevent confusion in users.
      3. A @BASIC_DODGE (or something similar) tag for the output of raw dodge, unmodified by a shield's defence bonus, and also outside the normal encumbrance loop
      4. A tag for raw weapon data in the weapon loop; For example, currently the damage of an axe will give 1d+2 cut or whatever for the damage tag. Other apps need the modifier of the weapon rather than the computed damage. (So the output would be 'sw +2' for an axe rather than say, 1d+2)
      5. A tag for damage bonuses from advantages such as striking strength. (2ndary priority as there are workarounds thanks to existing data).




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