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      I would like to suggest replacing the current default working view with a dual HTML viewer approach.

      The application would support a Working Sheet View (active) and Output View (output preview). The application would support both these views to open at the same time, in two tabs (like multiple character sheets). Then allow the template to be overridden as it is now, but for each view.

      OR the application could support multiple template views that can then be selected for each character sheet. Of course, the template file would have to be shared with GCS files when customized.

      This would also allow the user to select Zoom (solving one of the current requests).

      I would be happy to pitch in a default template using my Adobe-Fu and Creative Suite. I could create a default Working View template, a "kind of like the official" sheet template, and then provide some output templates for simple text views. With CS I can create templates that look snazzy, use CSS layouts, etc.

      I will post a screen shot of my work here in a bit as an example.




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